In collaboration with Dr. David Spray (AECOM), our lab is utilizing novel microscopy and molecular biology techniques to perform studies that are aimed at elucidating cell surface glycocalyx-mediated mechanotransduction mechanisms that are involved in the regulation of endothelial cell signaling and function.  This research is laying the foundation for studies on how dynamic fluid forces, derived from complex blood flows associated with the development of atherosclerosis, alter endothelial glycocalyx characteristics and activate endothelial cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of human vascular disease.  The findings of our work promise to be essential to the development of novel diagnostic tools and drug therapies targeted towards mechanical stress-induced cell signaling events that occur in pathophysiological processes that mitigate or advance the progression of atherosclerosis.  This work will also support research aimed toward reproducibly promoting desirable functionality of endothelial cells in the blood vessels of tissues or organs engineered in vitro.